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Please contact Donna to schedule your complimentary half-hour initial consult to see how the HHP can assist you.  Scheduling this BEFORE your due date will give you peace of mind and insure that you will have the support you need at this special time in your family's life!



Care and comfort measures for the fussy baby

Teaching parents how to "read" their newborn so that you feel more confident in recognizing hunger, sleep, discomfort, etc.

Many breastfeeding moms return to work. Postpartum doulas can help with timing the introduction of bottle feeding and techniques on how to do it smoothly.

New mom care whether recovering from a vaginal or C-section birth 

Breastfeeding support or a combination of breast/bottle/breast pumping
(NOTE: Not all new moms breastfeed and the postpartum doula is there to support you in this decision.)

Calm encouragement to find YOUR style of parenting

Help in recognizing the signs of Postpartum Depression and Mood Disorders

Sibling Care

Household organization

Laundry/light housekeeping

Resources and referrals

Help for Adoptive Parents

Running errands/grocery shopping

Ante-partum/difficult pregnancy support is also available

Snack and meal prep

The Hen House Project offers a full range of services to help you and your family find your "new normal" as quickly as possible.  Services are personalized as much as possible because each family's need for recovery, adjustment and knowledge varies.

Generally a visit 1-3 times a week is recommended for the first few postpartum weeks.  In-home visits (3 hour minimum) or In-hospital visits (2 hour minimum) assure that you will have the right type of support from the very start.  (Travel fee may apply).  Although services are available up to 12 weeks postpartum, many families find the first few weeks the most challenging and the time they need professional doula support the most.

Remember that you can use the HHP only once or many times over your postpartum time.....yet even one time can really help! Services are scheduled on a "first-come" basis.

Postpartum Services: 3 Hour Minimum per visit
Prenatal Visit to discuss breastfeeding and preparing for baby: 2 hour minimum

Weekdays Monday--Friday  9:00 a.m.-6:00 pm     $30 per hour
Weekdays Monday--Thurs   6:00pm-8:00am (overnight)      $35 per hour
Weekends Friday 5:00pm--Monday 9:00am       $40 per hour


Help beyond the Fourth trimester includes but is not limited to home or office organization, packing or unpacking for a move either in-town or out of state, holiday and party planning and decorating, house or pet sitting/weekly errands, and more! Professional couples love the HHP Concierge services. They not only enjoy the benefits of a dedicated professional person to help them with their household needs but also having someone who enjoys babies and children!

Concierge Services: 2 Hour Minimum
$30 an hour 
(travel fee may apply/upcharge may apply for evening and weekend services)

                                     GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE
Ask families and friends to purchase this wonderful gift of loving care!  We will put you on our "stand-by " calendar to visit once you notify us of your baby's birth.  Gift certificates can also be purchased for Concierge services to help any busy family who may need on-going help or extra help for a special project.Please call or send us a message on my contact page if you would like to purchase a gift certificate. 
Thank you!

Need help but have a tight budget?  Consider scheduling a "TRIBE" consult visit where we will discuss the most important ways that your family/friends can help your family. In this 2 hour meeting we will hammer out a plan of action for those first few weeks to help get your family the type of support most needed. THIS CONSULT SHOULD BE SCHEDULED DURING YOUR LAST TRIMESTER. 

We look forward to meeting you and your family and am honored to serve you!


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